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On Being Spiderman

Last week I was conducting an interview for a work assignment.   We were talking about Big Bird and the Politics of Public Television. The conversation turned to our children.    The man I was interviewing mentioned that his 4-year old daughter loved super heroes.  My 4-year old son recently has been enamored with Spiderman, Batman, Captain America and Iron Man.

I was thrilled when he told me is daughter was going as Spiderman for Halloween.  He sent me a photo later in the day.    She was dressed head to toe in a Spiderman costume.  I don’t mean the Spiderman costumes that are being sold online that ‘s a dress version. 

I certainly don’t mean this creation of a pink Spiderman costume.     She was wearing the traditional Spiderman costume.

Yay!  My heart soared.

You see I am all for girl power.  Just about anything a boy can do- so can a girl.  (Within reason- I admit peeing standing up is reserved for one gender).

Maybe it’s because when I was a child I never got the memo that math and sciences were supposed to be hard.  Or the memo that said girls shouldn’t raise their hands in class. Or the memo that said girls can’t be superheroes.

My 4-year old son is going as Captain America.  But I want my 2-year old daughter to know she can be anything she wants to be for Halloween…..and in life.   Even if she dreams of being Spiderman.

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