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10 Great Baby Shower Gifts

I have two close friends who are expecting babies in the coming months.  It’s so exciting!  When I was pregnant I relied on friends to guide me through the process.

Did I need a bassinet or not? Should I buy newborn clothes or buy onesies in a bigger size? What kind of baby bottles should I buy?

Now it’s my turn to help them.   That has me thinking of a list of fun, affordable gifts to give newbie parents.

These are not the exciting “wow” gifts or the cute adorable outfits that everyone oohs and ahhs at a baby shower. They’re practical things that new parents will find handy and that they might not even know about.



This is one of my favorite gifts to give new parents.  When a baby comes home her or she will likely be swaddled during sleep times. But after the baby is several weeks
old the little one will start to kick out of the swaddling.  These sleep sacks by Halo are a godsend. They keep babies warm and they are a safe alternative to loose blankets that are unsafe for newborns.

Hand mittens

My first child was a scratcher.  As a baby he would have scratch marks all on his head in the morning.  We found we had to put on baby mittens on him.  But mittens are something parents may not think about registering for or think to get.  They’re inexpensive but can be really helpful.  Along the same lines, why not buy a few pairs of extra baby socks?

Dreft baby detergent

This is something I never knew existed before I had a baby.  Sure, it’s in the aisle in most grocery stores next to the Tide.   But I never paid any attention to it.  But a friend mentioned this to me after the birth of my first child.  My son had really sensitive and dry skin.   Dreft is designed for babies, with a special formula for sensitive skin and it leave clothes with that wonderful “baby” smell.

Night-time diapers

Parents of newborns will be up at night frequently changing their new baby’s diaper.  But as the weeks go on infants have longer stretches of sleep at night.  But if the baby is soaking through his or her diaper it can disrupt their sleep cycle.  Putting a baby in a night-time diaper can help everyone in the family sleep better.

Aquaphor lotion

This is a petroleum jelly product.   It has the consistency of Vaseline. But works wonders for babies who have eczema.  It’s a little pricey as far as lotion goes, but a tub of it lasts a while. It’s nice to have on hand.

Pacifier holders

Many parents make a decision not to use pacifiers.  (And then there are babies who prefer their fingers to a pacifier.)  But assuming you know that the baby is using pacifiers this is a great gift.   Babies are constantly losing or dropping the pacifiers. Pacifier clips allow the pacifier to be clipped to their clothing so even if it falls out of their mouth it won’t get lost or dirty if it hits the ground.   It’s nice to have extra pacifiers on hand and a carrying case for a spare to carry around.

Disposable diaper bags

Newborn baby poop doesn’t smell that bad.  But boy, once babies start eating solids the poop can really smell.  These are special plastic bags to take on the go that contain the odor.

Baby Mum Mums

New parents won’t need this right away. But after the baby has started on solids, parents will find baby mum mums are fantastic.    I have introduced many moms to the joy of baby mum mums. They’re like thin baby rice crackers.   There’s something about the consistency and taste that babies love!   I have seen it happen many times when a baby is bawling and a parent pulls out a baby mum mum and the crying stops immediately.   Baby mum mums are sold in many health food stores like Whole Foods.

Diaper pail refills

This present is one of those that parents can appreciate.  Children will be in diapers at least a couple of years.  For parents using a diaper pail it will be very nice to have extra bags to refill.  Again, this is something parents will need and it’s not something people think to ever get them.

Something for mom/Something for older sibling

Make mom feel special or make her life easier.  A nice home cooked meal, a bathrobe she can take to the hospital with her.  Some of her favorite lotions.

And let’s not forget the older siblings. Everyone will be showering the baby with new presents. But it will make the older children feel special if someone remembers them too.


Got any other great ideas?  Please add some of your own ideas below:

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  1. New parents won’t need this right away. But after the baby has started on solids, parents will find baby mum mums are fantastic.

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