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How Much Tuna Should Children Eat?

A new report from the Mercury Policy Project suggests that school lunch programs should cut back on the amount of tuna served in cafeterias.   Children eat more tuna than any other seafood project.  But tuna, particularly albacore tuna, has been found to have high concentrations of mercury.

Fish is a great source of heart-healthy omega-3s.  But too much mercury can have a negative impact on the developing nervous system, brain and heart of young children.

The Mercury Policy Project, a nonprofit group from Vermont that advocates for lower mercury levels in the environment, tested 59 samples of tuna sold in 11 states for mercury levels.

It found a range of mercury levels among the samples and even within types of tuna.  

Among the group’s major conclusions:

  •  Children should not eat albacore tuna.  It has triple the mercury content as light tuna
  •  Small children should not eat light tuna more than once a month
  •  Most other children should limit light tuna to twice a month
  •  The US Department of Agriculture should phase out subsidies for tuna in the school lunch program


To see the full report click here.



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