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Traveling with Kids? US Airports with the Highest Fares

Average domestic fares have been on the way up.   Up 4.8 percent in the first quarter compared to last year at the same time.  According to the Department of Transportation, the average round trip fare was $373- an all time high for any quarter.

Of course, then you have to add on all those pesky charges for baggage fees, reserved seat charges and don’t forget the extra money for peanuts.

When you are traveling with kids multiply that by the number of munchkins in your party.

But which airport you leave from can make a big difference in how much you end up paying in airline fares.

Fares are higher at certain airports depending on things like is it a tourist destination? (fares likely to be lower) or a city with a high volume of business travelers? (fares like to be higher).

The airport (top 100 US airports) with the highest itinerary fare is Cincinnati.  The airport with the lowest fare is Atlantic City, NJ.

To read more:  Bureau of Transportation Statistics

US Airports with Highest Itinerary Fares


Cincinnati, OH                         $526.25

Memphis, TN                            $519.97

Houston Bush, TX                   $504.58

Huntsville, AL                          $502.80

Washington Dulles                  $485.35

Newark-Liberty, NJ                $470.78

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN     $454.39

Madison, WI                              $454.09

Cleveland, OH                            $449.90

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX             $449.42



US Airports with Lowest Domestic Fares


Atlantic City, New Jersey                                   $156.57

Long Beach, CA                                                    $209.89

Bellingham, WA                                                   $262.66

Las Vegas, NV                                                       $267.31

Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena, CA                    $267.94

Oakland, CA                                                          $277.62

Dallas Love, TX                                                    $281.69

Ft. Lauderdale, FL                                                $282.90

Orlando, FL                                                            $289.39

Chicago, Midway                                                   $298.23

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