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Where the Jobs Are

Ask moms and dads what they are worried about and they are likely to say the economy.  The nationwide US unemployment rate is 8.1%.   But the unemployment rate varies greatly depending on where you live.

According to the Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the states with the highest unemployment rate (and where it would hardest to find a job) are:

Nevada 11.7%

Rhode Island 11.2%

California 10.9%


But there are three states where jobs are plenty.  The unemployment rate has remained low even during the height of the recession.


North Dakota has the lowest jobless rate in the nation at 3%

Nebraska 3.9%

South Dakota 4.3%

Of course, picking up and moving the family may not be an option.   So it may be useful to know which industries are hiring in your area.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in April 2012 the following industries added people to their payrolls:  APRIL JOBS REPORT


Professional and Business Services  UP 62,000

Temporary help Services UP 21,000

Architectural and Engineering Services UP 7,000

Computer Systems Design and Related Services UP 7,000

Retail trade UP 29,000

Health Care UP 19,000 (growth particularly in home health care and physicians’ offices)

Manufacturing UP 16,000


Where did employers shy away from hiring?  For the month of April:

Transportation and Warehousing DOWN 17,000 (particularly in transit and grand transportation)

Couriers and Messengers DOWN 7,000

Construction, Wholesale Trade, Financial Activities and Government remained unchanged last month.


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