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Happy Mothers Day! The Many Roles of Mom

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms, step-moms and  grandmothers out there.  One day isn’t long enough to celebrate the hard work that mothers do every day.  We wear different hats as we nurture and raise our children.   In that spirit, I’ve come up a list of the many roles of mom.

  1. Detective:  Last night I combed the house for my son’s favorite stuffed dog that he sleeps with every night.  Success! I found it in the basement. Today I retraced his steps and helped him find a toy tortoise figurine.  Moms around the world are called on to use their sleuth skills to find lost toys, loveys and pacifiers.
  2. Super Hero: Being a mom I have developed special super powers like enhanced hearing. I am able to wake from a deep slumber to the sound of my baby’s cry.    I have other superpower skills- eyes in the back of my head.  And of course, I have Super hero status when I return from work. I am showered with kisses and hugs when I hit the door.
  3. Referee:   I have a 20-month old and 4-year old.  Some familiar phrases: “You go to your corner.”  “No hitting.”   “Unnecessary roughness.” “Break it up.” “Kicking is not allowed.”
  4. Cheerleader:  My own mother passed away 11 years ago.  She was my biggest cheerleader. She instilled in me that you can accomplish anything.  That’s something I’m teaching my children.  When my son says, “I can’t do it,” I tell him instead to ask, “How can I do it?”
  5. Teacher:  I didn’t realize until the birth of my first child how much parents have to teach their children.  I knew about the obvious stuff- teaching them to talk, walk, use a fork and bathe themselves.  But it’s the other stuff that’s the real work: How to be a good person, showing empathy, Why it’s important to be kind, How to feel secure in a world where bad things can happen.
  6. Social Director:  Do you know what’s the attention span of a 4-year old? Not long.  The attention span of a 1-year old? Even shorter.  We play with crayons, books, paints, more books, legos, blow bubbles, coloring, play-doh, more crayons.   I look up at the clock it’s only 10am.   We’re running out of activities! Moms spend an awful lot of time entertaining kids.
  7. Personal Shopper/Stylist:   I’m not a fashionista. In fact, kind of the opposite.  I wore my momma jeans until even I got sick of looking at them.  With my son it was easy. We had the khaki shorts, the green shorts, the navy shorts, the brown shorts. We had shirts in blue, white, green, yellow and red. We alternated them.  Then my daughter came along.   Does this lime green go with the bright purple? Can I match the striped pants with the polka dots?   Moms also double as personal stylists.
  8. Chef/Short order cook:   A mom friend once said she doesn’t “cook.”  She “prepares.”  She’ll prepare mac n-cheese. She’ll nuke chicken nuggets in the microwave.  But she doesn’t make a full-course meal.   Another mom I know enjoys cooking fancy elaborate meals for her family.  I’m somewhere in the middle.   I am definitely cooking more now that I’m a mom.   Before the kids came along I was fine having cereal and milk for dinner. But with the kids I feel like they should get a home cooked meal at least once in a while.
  9. Nurse:  Fevers, colds, allergy symptoms. Many moms have a radar for when an illness is serious and when it’s not.  Moms seem to just know when a fall requires a rush to the emergency room or when some ice and a few kisses will make it all better. (and if they’re in doubt they can always check the internet and/or call their doctor)
  10. Friend:   I am my children’s mother. When I need to discipline them, I do it. When I need to warn them of danger, I do that too.   When they’re out of line or do something wrong, I put them back in line.  But I am also their friend. It’s important to me that my kids know they can always talk to me about any problems.  I am a friend I will listen.

What other roles would you add to this list?

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