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7 Weird Things about Pregnancy

Being pregnant brings on all kinds of changes to woman’s body.   Some of them obvious and others less so.  Here are a few unusual symptoms moms-to-be may notice.  Don’t fret.  For most women these go away after the baby is born.


Excess saliva

Some pregnant women may suddenly notice that they have excess saliva in their mouth.  If you’re nauseous or vomiting you’re likely to salivate even more.  The main culprit is hormones.  “Excessive salivation is called ptyalism or sialorrhea, and while it can be unpleasant for you, it won’t affect your baby,” according to

Crazy fatigue

Mention first trimester pregnancy and everyone wants to know how are you feeling (or translation – Are you throwing up yet?)  While morning sickness gets top billing for side effects of early pregnancy, many women are also walloped by intense fatigue. First trimester fatigue felt like the worst jet lag I’ve ever experienced.  And the cruelty of it all is I couldn’t drink caffeine.  Why the fatigue?  Your body is going through a lot of changes including creating a new organ – the placenta. The good news is that for many women the fatigue lifts after the first trimester and their energy levels come roaring back.

Weird dreams

When I was pregnant with my son I had very vivid dreams. One of them was that I was walking down the stairs with my newborn and he was so heavy I couldn’t carry him and he fell from my arms.  During my second pregnancy, I had a dream that I went with my son and new baby to a beach near our house.  When I got there my son wanted to go to the bookstore.  For some reason I forgot the baby on the beach. When I realized it, I started frantically searching for my baby. That’s when I woke up.    Both dreams terrified me. But I realized they were just expressions of my insecurities and fears.  In the first dream, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to take care of a baby.  In the second dream, I was worried how I would take care of two children.   Odd, weird and terrifying dreams are fairly common.  It’s just your subconscious at work.

Dark patches on your skin

As my belly grew I noticed a dark line running down the middle of it.  It’s called the linea nigra. I also had dark patches under my arms and other strange dark shadows on my body.  All of this is normal.  Your body’s hormones stimulate a temporary increase in production of melanin causing these skin changes. Don’t worry in most cases they go away after your baby is born.

Excessive thirst

Pregnant women do two things- Drink water and pee. Drink and pee. Drink and pee some more. An increase in thirst is to be expected. It goes with the territory of being pregnant.  Remember your body is creating amniotic fluid.   When you’re nursing you’ll need to drink lots of fluids to help milk production. A useful tip:  Keep a pitcher next to your bed every night.

Mosquito bait

Mosquitoes tend to bite pregnant women more than the general population.   No one knows for sure why. But there are a couple of theories. One is that women tend to be heavier breathers during pregnancy.  They breathe out more carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitoes.

A second theory is that a pregnant woman’s body temperature rises making them yummier to mosquitoes.  It’s something to be aware of as we head into the summer months. has a good summary on what insect repellents are safe for moms-to-be

Hot flashes

When you’re pregnant your metabolism speeds up, this pushes up your body’s temperature.   In addition, there are all kinds of hormones racing around your body. Hot flashes are not uncommon for pregnant women.  I remember being so hot that I had the air conditioner on and a fan every night. My husband complained that it was arctic cold in our bedroom, but it was the only way I could get to sleep.

All of these weird symptoms tend to go away post-pregnancy.  It helps knowing that it’s not permanent and your body will bounce back.

What unusual changes did you notice when you were pregnant?



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