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Best Job

If you’re a mom and you watch this video it will likely bring tears to your eyes.

It captures those little everyday moments of being a mom- waking up your child, making breakfast, washing their clothes, cheering them on, fixing those boo-boos, lifting them up after disappointments, encouraging them to go on and helping them to become whole persons.

All of those mini-moments help a child to reach their big moments in life.

Those little things are “just what we do” as a parent.   But moms don’t get enough credit.   Heck, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the hard work.

But this 2-minute video manages in one big lump to effectively say ,”Job well done, moms.”

It’s a thank you to moms- an appreciation and a validation that what we do matters.

It’s a commercial by Proctor & Gamble that will air during this summer’s Olympics.    Boy, is it effective.  It has received over 1 million hits already on YouTube.   I think for two reasons:

  • great music  (Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi)
  • great theme

And by the way, it doesn’t  matter if your child ends up an Olympian in the future.  What counts is that children have a parent/role model/adult figure who always has their back.

The tag line is “The hardest job in the world is the best job in the world.”

But moms already know that.

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  1. I’m a tough nut, so I didn’t think it’d make me cry…….but it did.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I cried… I didn’t want to and I tried to fight it… but I did. I felt so proud of each accomplishment as if it’s my own child’s. Great Video!

  3. As a sports parent blogger, I especially loved this. We sports parents sacrifice so much for our kids to succeed and grow in their character and skill.

    Thanks for sharing!

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