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7 ways to ease pain at the pump

In early January I wrote about rising gas prices.  That was about six weeks ago. The average price of regular unleaded nationwide was $3.29 a gallon.   Since then prices have been steadily climbing.  According to the latest government statistics, now the average nationwide price is  30 cents higher.

Anyone who has gone to a gas station lately already knows that.  But what can we do about it?  I spoke to Patrick DeHaan of  who offered these tips for saving on gasoline

1. Don’t carry a bunch of stuff you don’t need in the car.  If you don’t need the double stroller – take it out. Heavy loads burn extra gas.

2. Don’t go crazy accelerating from one red light to the next red light– that eats up gas.  Steady accelerating and braking may increase fuel economy by as much as 20%.

3. Maintain the proper amount of air in your tires. Tip:  Check your door jamb or glove box for the auto manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure

4. Shop around for gas. It can make a big difference if you’re getting gas in the city vs. suburb

5. Look for discounts.  For example, we have Giant Stores near us and have signed up for the grocery store card.  We earn gas reward points at Shell Gas stations. I regularly get 50 cents a gallon off my gas bill using my card.

6. Use the AC sparingly.  Using the AC puts an extra load on the engine and burns more gas.

7. Avoid long idles.   If you’re going to be idling for more than a minute turn off the engine.

Find more tips check out Gas Buddy’s website:

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  1. Useful tips. Thanks. I’ll add one more: Use mass transit or walk whenever possible. (My hubbie is a bus driver, so I’ve gotten into the habit. Yeah. It usually takes longer, but at least I’m going green.)

  2. ParentsDesk says:

    Thanks for adding, Absolutely- Take mass transit or walk or bike when you can. These gas prices are absolutely scary!

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