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Blogging can be good for your health

Does blogging matter?

Do you sit at home after the kids are in school or maybe at night after they’re tucked in bed and start writing?  Ever wonder does blogging make a difference?

Short answer is yes.

A new study out found that blogging lowered stress levels for new moms and reduced marital conflict.

It looked at 157 first-time moms who blogged.   They were evenly split between stay-at-home moms and working moms.  The average age of the mother was 27 years old.  The average age of the baby 8 months old.

“First-time mothers who participate in blogging show greater levels of connection with family and friends, increased feelings of support and more positive outcomes overall,” said former BYU student Brandon McDaniel who co-authored the study.

Being in a house all day by yourself with the kids can be very isolating and nerve-racking experience.  But having more social contact helps.

“Findings suggested that frequency of blogging predicted feelings of connection to extended family and friends which then predicted perceptions of social support. This in turn predicted maternal well-being, as measured by marital satisfaction, couple conflict, parenting stress and depression.  In sum, blogging may improve new mothers’ well-being, as they feel more connected to the world outside their home through the internet.”

That was the case for me.  I didn’t have family support after the birth of my children. My mother had passed away years earlier and other family members lived far away.  When I had a question I would ask other moms I knew.  But just as frequently I would hop online to find the answer.

Since I’ve been blogging I find there’s something therapeutic about getting my thoughts down on paper and “creating something.”

The researchers hope to build on their initial findings.  One area for further review:   Are moms who blog more likely to be social butterflies than the average population and therefore less likely to be isolated anyway?

The study will appear in an upcoming issue of Maternal and Child Health Journal.   For more on the study

In the meantime, what are some of the benefits you get from blogging?

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  1. Lisa Fyfe says:

    I have to agree with this. Since I started blogging I feel so much better. I was isolated and lonely. Blogging has really changed a lot for me.

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