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Losing 20

Since the birth of my second child (16 months ago!) I have been trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy size.  Not for vanity reasons (ok maybe a little bit) but really for a very practical reason – I don’t fit into my work clothes.  I’m happy romping around in sweats and baggy jeans on the weekends. But Monday morning comes around and I lament and whine, “I don’t fit into anything.”

Several months ago I started posting “Losing 20.”  Did I lose 20 lbs? Nope    10?  Nope. 5lbs? uh no.

And actually I never posted on my weight loss again.  Then a few weeks ago a girlfriend told me about something she was doing with a couple of her friends and invited me to join her.

We each agreed to lose 4 lbs a month.  The third Monday of the month we weigh ourselves in the comfort of our own bathrooms.  (We are too busy to try to get together in person)   Then we email each other our progress.   It’s an honor system.   If you fall short and don’t lose 4 lbs you have to pay into a pot $10 for every pound that you don’t lose.    So if you only lose 2 lbs then you have to cough up $20.  But if you meet the goal and lose your 4 lbs then you pay nothing and you get to split the pot with the others in the group that met their 4lb weight loss goal.

So how am I doing? So far, not bad. The first month I lost 4lbs.  We’re now into month 2 and I’m on target.   It’s tougher this second month.

I have been working out:  3-4 times a week- running, kickboxing

Eating better: Salads, few carbs, more veggies

Cutting back on the sweets-  no cupcakes (sigh).

Drinking lots of water


I have decided losing weight with friends is the way to go.   Here are a few benefits:


1.   Support.   Like-minds think alike.   We are likely to all make better food choices when we get together.

2.   Accountability – having a regular weigh-in time gives me a target to focus on

3.   Financial incentive-  If I signed up with Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig it would cost me anyway. This way as long as I meet my goal it doesn’t cost me anything and I may end up with some money to treat myself to a nice manicure or pedicure.

Maybe this is something you and your friends may want to consider. You can do it for less $5, $2- whatever works to lead to a healthier you.

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