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Market Mayhem

You know the Eric Carle book the Hungry Caterpillar-  On Monday he had one apple. Tuesday he had two pears. Wednesday he had three strawberries….

That’s what the stock markets have felt like this week- like watching a hungry caterpillar eat through our 401ks and college savings accounts (sorry Mr. Carle- to borrow your great classic to make a point)

Monday Dow Jones Industrial lost more than 600 points. Tuesday, Dow was up more than 400 points. Wednesday Dow was down more than 500 points…..

There’s a lot of uncertainty out there. Unemployment is above 9%. The federal government is about to start cutting spending- which could mean even more layoffs.

It can all be a little scary, especially if you don’t just have yourself to worry about, but also your children and spouse.

In some communities people are coming together and forming something called “resilience circles” or “common security clubs.”

Groups of 10-20 people come together to share ideas of how to help each other.

Organizer Sarah Byrnes says groups “gather to explore a new kind of personal security rooted in community ties and mutual aid.”

This program is free. It begins with seven session curriculum in which participants learn about the economy and how it impacts them.

Groups work on various projects, according to Byrnes. “…everything from bulk buying groups to home weatherization parties to child care co-ops…They also learn skills from each other, such as swewing and cooking. They share savings tips and inexpensive recipe ideas. Many have potlucks every time they gather.”

There are about 100 circles around the country and more forming every week.

The economy is a little rough.

There are lots of potholes in what looks to be a long road to recovery.  But maybe something good (like the caterpillar turned butterflly) can come out of the uncertain economy- a new sense of community.


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