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Losing 20

I didn’t go overboard when I was pregnant, but I also didn’t hold back from eating pretty much anything I wanted.  You know milk duds, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream pies…

So pregnancy number one I gained 45 pounds.

Giving birth, nursing baby, running around and occasionally exercising I dropped 25 of those pounds no problem.    But the other 20 stuck around.

The fat on my belly provided a very nice ledge for my laptop computer.

I didn’t worry about it because I was planning to have baby number 2.  Why lose the fat when I’m going to get pregnant again, I reasoned?  I just bought some bigger clothes and moved on.

The next pregnancy I also gained about 45 lbs.

This time after baby 2 was born I worked out a fair bit.  I joined a gym that had a child care center and would go there regularly when I was on maternity leave.  I lost the 45 lbs that I gained in pregnancy number 2.  But now I’m stuck with that persistent 20 lbs that I never lost the first go around.

So here I am blogging about it.  I figure if I’m open and very honest and write about it will motivate me to do something about it.

We still belong to that gym. But it’s hard for me to go these days because I’m back working full-time

I tried Weight Watchers. And Weight Watchers does work.  I slimmed down before on it. But what worked for me was the weekly weigh -ins.   There’s something about me facing another human being every week and being accountable for my food choices, stress-eating,  lack of exercise and the like

But I don’t have the time to show up regularly for a Weight Watchers weigh-in.  It’s hard to juggle baby who is now 10 months old, my 3-year old toddler, my husband, our household, my work and my sanity.

So here I sit ….. My plan is to once a week weigh myself and post my net weight  every week.   So cheer me on and  keep the Dorritos and cookies and ice cream and sodas and kid birthday cakes….. and anything else really bad – away.  (any suggestions, thoughts, comments for losing 20 is more than welcome!)


JULY 7TH +20 lbs


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